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From little acorns...

In 1991 Blyth Valley Borough Council had the vision and foresight to take positive action in improving the Cramlington environment for the benefit of people and wildlife. The idea was to bring together all sections of the community - the general public, businesses, local authorities and wildlife agencies, to work towards the four main aims of the project.

These aims are:

  • to assist in the provision of school nature areas;
  • to develop the potential of a wildlife corridor;
  • to develop areas of natural habitat within easy reach of Cramlington residents;
  • to raise awareness of, and interest in, nature conservation.

Although the originators of the initiative had high hopes none of them could have foreseen the remarkable successes that have been achieved in the last ten years. The strength lies in the community based approach drawing resources, skills and expertise from the partners. Such has been the effectiveness of this approach that CONE has won numerous awards and has even become a Local Agenda 21 case study for other local authorities.

The real success of CONE has always been the projects themselves and the hands-on involvement of the schools and the local community. So without further ado let's take a look at the last ten years...

Wildlife Facts
Many amphibians now rely on garden ponds for survival.
Things to do
Stagger your Buddleia pruning to get a succession of flowers in late summer. Leave some unpruned for early flowers and goldfinch nests!