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1992 Review

Grant aid is given to St. Nicholas' Church so the congregation can convert part of their grounds to wildflower meadow.
CONE attracts the Young Ornithologists Club (YOC) "National Birdspace Show" to Cramlington for the first time. Schools affiliate to the YOC and set up their own birdwatching clubs.
CONE and English Nature grant aid ten school nature area projects, after which work commences.
CONE in conjunction with McDonalds and the RSPB run a "Colourful Conservation" competition for Cramlington Schools.
National Tree Week sees the Forestry Commission donate 40 trees to each of the CONE schools as part of their Royal Anniversary celebrations.
CONE presentations are given at the European Environment Conference in Nottingham and the Environmental Symposium in Sunderland.

School Grounds, Cornfield Annual Meadow, 1992

MSD and Northern Electric, our business partners with access to JCBs and rotavators, help with some of the ground preparation works. Ponds, marshes, wildflower meadows, woodlands, hedgerows, and insect gardens are amongst the habitats created.


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