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1994 Review

Christmas trees are recycled to make bark chippings at Shaw Garden Centre.
CONE is given a helping hand through the Government's Community Action Programme. Co-ordinated locally by the Northumberland Wildlife Trust and CSV the scheme provides CONE with an invaluable source of help on nature area developments.
A major habitat creation scheme commences at Valley Park in Cramlington. Over 1000 trees are planted by volunteers, the aim being to create a coppice woodland on the site.
Cramlington Rotary Club donate 5000 bluebell bulbs to CONE.
Work continues in the now 13, school nature areas.
One of the games produced by scouts during last year's House Martin Survey is printed courtesy of Northumbrian Water for use as an educational resource. House martin sightings and nestings continue to be recorded.
Northumbrian Water help with pond works in CONE schools.
CONE is represented on the Department of the Environment / Local Government Management Board national roundtable group on "Nature Conservation" for Local Agenda 21 and is used as a case study for good environmental practice. Further CONE presentations are given in Peterborough, Sussex and London.

Bluebell planting with the Rotary Club in a Cramlington park, 1994

The bulbs are planted in woodland along the CONE Wildlife Corridor by local school children and by members of the Rotary Club. The aim being to encourage local biodiversity. The bluebells provide food for a range of insects.


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