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1996 Review

North East Water helps CONE create a new wetland area at Valley Park complementing recent meadow and woodland planting.
Work commences on a major habitat creation scheme in the grounds of Knoll. Local schools are invited to use the new site for study purposes and partake in a mass puddling event organised in order to create a clay lined wetland.

Over 100 toads are rescued by CONE volunteers from a road gully in the town in "The Grate Escape". The toads were released at Valley Park and some of the local schools.

The CONE Native American Arts and Environment project takes place.
A task force comprising of High School students and CONE volunteers spent 1996's National School Grounds Day undertaking a "Crameltonian Challenge". 10 schools challenged the taskforce to complete a range of nature area works including the creation of a bog garden, pond clearance and yard painting during the day.
CONE is represented on the national Department of the Environment led working group relating to "Greening the City", which is soon to produce guidance on the development and management of urban open space.

Installing the Totem Pole at a school in Cramlington, 1996

Northern Electric instal a 30' totem pole in the grounds of St. Peter's Middle School.

The totem has been carved by Richard Caink and features designs produced by pupils based on the wildife they would expect to see around Cramlington. A time capsule is placed at its base.


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