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2001 Review

Professor Chris Baines launches the Gardening for Wildlife Project. Expanding the partnership approach into new territory, CONE has linked with the House Builders' Federation in a regional project to promote wildlife gardening. The individual house builders are developing wildlife friendly show homes in their developments and distributing a free copy of CONE's Gardening for Wildlife booklet to every new home owner.
CONE launches its National Be Nice to Nettles Week to raise awareness of this much maligned plant. Support for the Week comes from a wide range of sources including the head gardener of Buckingham Palace and Charlie Rugeroni, head of Butterfly Conservation.
English Nature's Urban Advisor, Mathew Frith, spends a day looking at the work of CONE. Mathew was impressed by the successes that CONE's partnership approach has achieved and is hoping to inspire other local authorities to undertake similar imaginative initiatives.
CONE celebrates it's 10th Anniversary in a week long event at Merck Sharp & Dohme, with over 400 local schoolchildren following a nature trail and pond-dipping within the company's grounds.
 Schoolchildren enjoying nettle soup at BASF during National Be Nice to Nettles Week 2001

Cramlington schoolchildren enjoy making and tasting nettle soup at BASF during National Be Nice to Nettles Week. The children also experienced the smelly delights of nettle manure - a real tonic for the organic gardener.


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