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Creative Community Action

"Working together communities can increase both their social cohesion and skills base as well improving their own local environment"

CONE recognises the potential of local communities to contribute to biodiversity through the development and improvement of gardens, communal areas, and open spaces, and can offer advice and assistance to those individuals and community groups wanting to “Do their bit”.

Building on a wealth of in-house knowledge and over fourteen years experience of working with the community CONE can provide the following services:

  • Information on how to improve areas for wildlife
  • Evaluation of sites to assess constraints and opportunities for improvement
  • Help with the creation of a project development plan, including assistance in drawing up site plans, finding funding, managing finances, promotion and publicity
  • Funding through the ‘Go Wild’ Environmental Grants Scheme
  • Advice and training on making physical improvements including planting and maintaining areas
  • Help with some practical tasks
  • Opportunity to join in with other environmental activities e.g. events, workshops, Friends of Local Nature Reserve Groups

These services have been developed to meet the varying needs of the local community and community groups in the Blyth Valley area.

Community planting day at the Isabella Community CentreCommunities can make a significant contribution to local biodiversity.

Biodiversity (or biological diversity) is a term used to describe all living things, the types (including humans) and numbers, the habitats (places) in which they live and form communities, and how these communities relate to each other (inter-relationships and ecosystems). Although biodiversity has been severely depleted human existence is supported by this ‘web of life’.

Everyone can do there bit to help conserve the earth’s biodiversity. For example, gardening for wildlife, composting organic waste, the careful use of energy resources and recycling.

Benefits to the Community

Biodiversity and natural spaces contribute to everyone’s quality of life, and have social benefits for communities, providing:

Improved physical and mental health (proximity to greenery has been found to relieve stress and increase feelings of wellbeing) through wildlife related work, leisure and recreation

  • Personal development through educational and training opportunities increasing the sense of self worth and employability of individuals
  • A greater sense of belonging, identity and pride of place. The surrounding environment can help to reinforce a sense of place. Involving people in planting and management can help to strengthen communities
  • Improvement in social cohesion. Green and pleasant communal areas are more likely to be used by local residents increasing the opportunities for social interaction of neighbours encouraging friendships and reducing feelings of isolation Increasing social inclusion.
  • The management and maintenance of green spaces can create volunteering opportunities for people isolated by age, health/special needs, ethnic background, language barriers and unemployment.

How to get involved

If you are interested in outdoor exercise to improve your health or in improving access to, or views of, greenspace from your premises then please contact Rob Caton 01670 542371


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