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Privacy policy

The nature of the services we provide mean that at certain times ( e.g. registration, online surveys ) we will obtain information about you . While this is necessary for the efficient operation of our site your peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us. The following sets out our rules governing the use of your data.

What we will do

We will only use your data for the improvement of our service ( e.g. statistical information on browsers used by visitors to our site, demographic information on members to enable us to better streamline our content ).

We will not make available, sell, or pass on your data to any other party without your express approval.

What we ask from you

The site contains forum areas where members can post information. You should never post information of any kind that would allow another party to identify you.

You should never reveal your membership details to any other person. Similarly you should not use the automatic log in feature on computers where you do not control who has access.


Wildlife Facts
Dandelions are a major nectar source for insects in spring.
Things to do
Check stratified pots of tree and shrub seed for signs of germination.